Fashionistas at the BAFTA Awards – By Suha

The bars are always raised very high when it comes to award shows. Singers, actors and musicians dress to impress, but even celebrities can be prone to wardrobe mishaps! And sometimes, fellow popstars can have their own opinions that take criticism to another level…

Let’s start with Stephen Fry, also known as the ‘fantastic’ actor and host of the British Academy Awards. Well, after his comment on Jenny Beavan, Twitter users were outraged and made remarks on how he should ‘respect’ the costume designer. You are probably wondering: ‘WELL ,WHAT IN THE WORLD DID HE SAY?!’ Stephen called Jenny ,who won the award for Best Costume Designer, a ‘bag lady’. After seeing all the fuming comments on his Twitter account, Stephen finished with, ‘It was a joke. She got it!’. Then with one click of a button, he deleted his account. What do you think about his comment?

Moving on to the ‘Best Dressed’ celebrities. Would you believe that some pop stars spend over $100,000 for only one night? And that’s just the clothing! Anyway, Scarlett Johansson turned heads in a dazzling emerald-green Versace, completed with a beautiful necklace. Reese Witherspoon wore a stunning monochrome Tom Ford dress. She kept it simple by adding a sparkling silver bracelet to compliment the outfit. Anna Kendrick (yes, I’m bringing back the ‘Cup Song’) struck to the Red carpet dressed in a chic, rose coloured Thakoon that’ll make everyone miss her when she’s gone!

It’s time for the best dressed male celebs. Most of them will probably make you head over heels in love… Perhaps some of them will end up being your new ‘celebrity crush(es)? Leonardo Dicaprio came on stage wearing a classic black and white tuxedo. Max Irons winning over all the girls in a navy blue Alfred Dunhill suit. There were, of course, many more, but the people who I have mentioned are the celebs who took the ‘Internet’ by storm.

Obviously, there are many more award shows to come, but some people are already saying that this year’s BAFTA Awards were the best of them all.

My questions to you are: If you were invited to an award show, what would you wear and who would you take a selfie with???



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