The History of the Brits and Grammys – By Jasmeen

The Grammys

The Grammys were originally called the ‘Gramophone Awards’ and is a prestigious gathering of the most renowned music artists in the world where their contribution to the music industry is acknowledged. The first ever Grammy award show was May 4th 1959 to present the musical accomplishments for 1958. The whole idea of the Grammys came when some people were deciding who deserved a star on the walk of fame but realised there were too many people so they decided to create the Grammys to showcase their talent and importance in music. They then had to think of a name. The first one they had thought of was ‘The Eddie’ dedicated to the inventor Thomas Edison. Sadly, that idea was scrapped and they settled on the name ‘The Gramophone Awards’ which was adapted to ‘The Grammys’.

The Brits

The Brit awards are an annual award ceremony that focuses mainly on the British music artists, however, there are awards for some international artists.The awards started in 1977 to mark the Queen’s silver jubilee and were known as the Britain awards. Later on, in 1989 like most music awards the name changed to what we know now, ‘The Brit Awards’.  The show was broadcasted live until 1989 because a very little rehearsed show was broadcasted and the association was criticised for it. So until 2007, it was recorded and then broadcasted the following night. Many people don’t know that the Brits have another award ceremony called ‘The Classic Brits’ and Pope Benedict was nominated for one!

But which is better?

Personally, I have always preferred the Grammys. However, this year I found the Grammys as a let down and The Brits were actually much better. I mean the Grammys didn’t have Rihanna and Drake perform!  So I still think the Grammys are better but I think it is going down hill so the Brits could be my new favourite. But that is my personal opinion so it does not speak for everyone.


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