Why Are Puppies So Cute? – By Meganne 

Is it the eyes? Is it the fur? Is it the size? Is it the fact that it’s just cuddleable? Or is it the fact that they are just adorable? Well, some of you may be thinking, I’m more of a cat person. But let’s be honest puppies are too cute to handle. I’m not saying that I hate kittens I have one myself and they are pretty darn cute. But it is proven that the majority of people will say that puppies win by miles, not only that recent studies show that puppies lower stress levels of a person more than kittens.
Not so surprisingly it’s all of the things above. The eyes, the fur, the size everything about them. Let’s start with the size, it’s the fact that they are so small and vulnerable you feel as if you have to almost become its mother and have the role of protecting it. Their fur is soft and warm so why wouldn’t you want to cuddle it, this also makes it look like a massive ball of fluff and gives the impression of it being soft to the touch. The eyes of a puppy are big and round, also, they are quite far apart and low on the head. It isn’t really known why we find the eyes cute but personally I find the fact that it reminds me of babies eyes and I am absolutely besotted with my baby brother.

cute puppy




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