Christmas vs Easter – By Priya

Easter is fast approaching and most of us are ecstatic to receive a mouth-watering amount of chocolate eggs; but is that better than the spilling sack of presents we receive at Christmas?

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’s birth with all your family and, no matter what religion you are, Christmas will affect your life one way or another. Easter, on the other hand, is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and is less well-known that Christmas, but still equally important to the Christianity faith- the main religion that celebrates both festivals.

With over 2 billion people celebrating Christmas, worldwide, it’s hard to ignore the occasion- not to forget the unforgettable German Market, a truly tremendous experience. The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by just under 2 billion of the population, worldwide, yet it still doesn’t have that overpowering status like Christmas: First of all, only a certain amount of shops decorate themselves to show their Easter-themes, whereas during Christmas it’s almost impossible to spot a house (let alone a shop!) that hasn’t got even the slightest thread of tinsel, scattered everywhere. Secondly, Christmas is more well known to bring the family together- almost every movie and advert displays the statement ‘Bring the family together this Christmas’ during the holiday season; whereas Easter is mainly looked forward to as the day you can quit your diet and dig into chocolate eggs- but even then, Christmas is more well known for causing people to surrender to the gravy-filled Yorkshire puddings and give up on their ‘healthy eating’. Overall, Christmas is seen as the better holiday, though Easter does come quite close.

So, the outstanding question is: chocolate eggs or presents? If you think about it more articulately, Christmas presents could include chocolates but then Easter eggs can also spark up an Easter Egg Hunt- a perfect way to get the family bonding! However, considering the fact that Christmas is better renowned and more celebrated, I think it’s safe to say that Christmas wins this debate. Better luck next year, Easter! Hope you all have a fun Easter and eat lots and lots of chocolate eggs!


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