Is The Easter Bunny Real? – By Gracie

I don’t know about all you Easter fans out there but do you think the Easter Bunny is real?

My Opinion: I don’t really know, maybe, maybe not.


Is it possible to delivery that many eggs around your garden in one night?

My Opinion: no-one knows.


Does he/she really give you free chocolate?

My opinion: Possibly?


Does the Easter Bunny really live on Easter Island?

My opinion: Maybe?


In my opinion, he/she isn’t real. I used to believe in the Easter Bunny but now, I don’t now. I mean, having two older sisters that just tell you the truth about everything, I kind of just stopped believing. But I will always respect anyone that does believe in the Easter Bunny as this is my own opinion. But overall maybe it is real, I don’t really know, maybe the Easter Bunny is at one of our houses right now?

So to anyone who does believe in the Easter Bunny keep believing!


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