The Apothecary – By Naina

The Apothecary is one of the community read books Miss Alan has chosen for us thirds to read and I personally think it was an amazing choice. For those thirds who have not read The Apothecary yet, there may be some spoilers so STOP HERE!!

Maile Meloy makes the life of an apothecary seem so magical and it all starts with Janie, a fourteen-year-old girl who, with her parents, have travelled from Los-Angeles to London in 1952. In England, she finds it hard to adjust to her new life but with the help of Benjamin Burrows, she begins to fit in. However, trouble is arising and Benjamin’s father (the apothecary) is kidnapped so Janie and Benjamin are entrusted with keeping the Pharmacopoeia (an extraordinary book which contains magic spells and potions) safe. Together, along with some friends, Janie and Benjamin are determined to rescue the apothecary.

I love this book because Maile Meloy draws you into a magical world where children can do things like turn invisible or transform into majestic birds. Using a combination of action, mystery and romance, Maile Meloy has created a truly captivating book that has a new adventure on each page. Trust me, once you start reading it you will not want to put it down.

I hope you have enjoyed this book review and make sure you pick up the nearest copy of The Apothecary and read it! You will love it!

The Apothecary

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