My day walking with my cousins – By Nikita

Over the holiday, I went to see my auntie who was on holiday in Matlock. She was in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. We went walking for ages through footpaths and fields. Then we arrived at a Matlock bath. There we went on a cable car (if you don’t know what that looks at the picture at the bottom). We were elevated above the countryside and landed on the other side of the area. Then we continued walking and ate a fish and chips, then carried on walking. By coincidence, when we were in the shop it was very sunny, but as soon as we left to go outside it started pouring down with rain. Anyway, we carried on walking and ended up on a talk about mines that the area offered. At the end of the talk, we ended up in the countryside somewhere and there was a footpath to get back down. Before we started walking again we stopped for a drink when we realised that right next to us where a pack of about five highland cows next to us. We took photos and headed home by going through the cable cars again. When we got home we had a hot chocolate, sat down and relaxed.


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