Exams – By Ruby

Exams are coming up and the pressure is rising, but that doesn’t mean you should spend every moment up until the exams revising. Although exams are important, we shouldn’t feel that they’re the only thing we should focus and spend our energy on.

In the few weeks leading up to exams, there are some activities and things you can do to help:

Playing sport
Chatting with friends
Meeting up with friends
Going to the park
Walking a pet
Going somewhere you enjoy

Revision can be stressful but don’t let it get to you. Sometimes a technique may not work for you, even if it’s the technique you’ve been using for ages; often it might not work with a specific subject, or if you know you’ve used a certain technique for revision before and the exam for that topic hasn’t gone too well, it would probably be helpful to try something new, but what to do instead? It can be tricky finding something that suits you when you need a change, but there’s lots you can try out! Here are some of the best:

Recording yourself reading your notes, then playing it aloud, or with headphones at night
Highlighting keywords in your exercise book
Writing notes or flashcards to read in free time like on the bus, a car journey, at lunch or recess, while you’re eating supper etc..
Writing definitions on post-it notes then stick them around the house
Sticking post-it notes over definitions in your exercise book so that you can test yourself
Teaching someone else the subject then testing them afterwards
Getting a friend or family member to test you
Reading through your exercise books
Use BBC Bitesize to read a topic, revise then test yourself, using their resources

Before an exam, you may want to revise, revise, revise but this won’t suit everyone. Here are some tips you can use before an important exam:

Listening to instrumental music
Look at your flashcards
Read a book
Talking to a friend
Testing yourself

I hope these have helped and good luck with your exams!

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