The EU Referendum – By Jasmeen

As most of us know on 23rd June we will be having a referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union. Sadly, only the Upper Sixth are allowed to vote and despite being able to vote in our mock election it’s not as good as the real thing. Question is should we leave?

Leaving the EU
If we would leave the EU at first there would be at least two years of negotiations on what our relationship will be with the EU for the future. At the moment it is unclear how our economy will be impacted if we were to leave but predictions are that we could either get a 2.2% loss or a 1.6% rise in financial terms. Like most people, business leaders are split in decisions and depending on your occupation you could get advantages or disadvantages. On leaving the EU if you were a farmer you risk loss in EU subsidies but if you are a fisherman it is an advantage because the uk will be taking control of its waters.

Will we take control of our borders?
It depends, however one result of leaving is that EU migrants will be treated the same as those who are migrants outside the EU. We can work in the EU only if the UK government sign up for a free movement of citizens.

I will now move on to the topic of healthcare. If you were on holiday and had an accident you could get a big bill. With a European Health Insurance Card we can get a reduced fee in healthcare. Whether we get this, is up to UK negotiation.

International Relations
Now more recently, Obama came to Britain and spoke to David Cameron on terms of the referendum and what the trading situation will be. Now not long ago, Obama came to the UK and told us that if we were to leave the EU we would be put at the back of the queue to be trading partners with the USA. Is that a good enough reason to stay?

In general the EU has given us advantages and disadvantages but right now I can’t call it, it is split and there are so many good reasons to stay and to leave. Personally, I’m not sure yet as there are many things each day telling you to support one side or the other. But, there is plenty of time yet. I hope this was informative and helps you make a decision.

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