The Secret My Life Of My Baby Bunnies: Oh No, They Are Leaving! – By Khadijah

This is for you all your bunny lovers.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news,
We have found out that the rabbit’s gender, three are girls and we have named them Flimsy, Jumpy and Rapidy. The two boys are called Shady and Dozy (my personal favourites).
We have renamed the bunnies as we know their genders so Flimsy is called Elsa, Jumpy is called Anna, Rapidy is Lily as she looks the same as her mum Laila, and Dozy is Rocky and Shady is Champ (short for Champion).
We have sold the bunnies off to new owners who are very friendly and Champ has been renamed Franklin and Rocky has been adopted by a different owner and has many new friends.

We are very sad to let them go but that’s what life is all about.
The girls are very happy with their parents and they all snuggle together.

That’s all for this blog!!
Hope you loved the secret life of my baby bunnies!!!

Khadijah xx

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